At Martello Low Carbon, we enable our clients to adopt best practice in sustainability and to protect & increase value for their shareholders.

Our Corporate Sustainability Fund™ solution mitigates energy & supply chain risks and builds value & resilience within your company.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”

-Abraham Lincoln

What We Do

Our Corporate Sustainability Fund™ solution enables your company to lead in sustainability and to protect & increase value for your shareholders.

Operating entities across your organisation pay a carbon price or captive insurance premium based upon their emissions into your proprietary Corporate Sustainability Fund™. Your Corporate Sustainability Fund™ can then invest in an attractive choice of low carbon and resource efficiency projects, both within your company and externally, across the supply chain, regions and communities that sustain your business.

Our Corporate Sustainability Fund™ solution mitigates energy, supply chain and other resource-related risks and builds value and resilience within your company.

Our Solutions

Corporate Sustainability Fund™

Is Sustainability a box-ticking, compliance-driven regulatory overhead in your organisation?
Transform Sustainability: Implement our Corporate Sustainability Fund™ solution to Create Value, Reduce Risk and Build Resilience across your Organisation.

Supply Chain Decarbonisation

Martello Low Carbon can work with your company to identify, assess and invest in profitable & suitably de-risked energy and resource efficiency projects across your supply chain, both upstream and downstream.

Carbon Insight™

Most companies already measure and work hard to reduce their carbon emissions.
Take the next step: Ascribe an internal price to your emissions. Use our Carbon Insight™ experience, international comparatives and collaboration with climate finance experts to test and validate your carbon pricing strategy and assumptions.

Low Carbon Project Finance

Project Promoters, retain Martello Low Carbon to introduce corporate capital, an attractive source of funding which better understands and is closer to your low carbon projects. Corporate capital is typically less yield driven and better able to tie in and relate to the multi-faceted benefits of investing in low carbon projects.

Your Benefits

The value proposition we offer our customer is multi-faceted and compelling:

Decrease Cost

Decrease Cost
Finance incremental energy and resource efficiency projects at lowest possible cost of capital.

Increase shareholder value

Increase shareholder value
Invest in attractive choice of low carbon projects with IRR significantly higher than cost of capital.

Mitigate ‘known unknown’ risks

Mitigate ‘known unknown’ risks
Build Corporate Sustainability Fund™ to hedge against carbon and resource risks in incumbent business.

Strengthen and de-risk supply chain

Strengthen and de-risk supply chain
Invest in profitable energy and resource efficiency projects across supply chain.

Lead in sustainability:

Lead in sustainability:
Measure and report financial and environmental values created by Corporate Sustainability Fund™ which is funded by applying an internal price to the external environmental costs of incumbent business.

Attract new investors at lower cost of capital:

Attract new investors at lower cost of capital:
Use Corporate Sustainability Fund™ to issue Green Bonds and/or fund internal capex requirements.

The History of Martello Towers

Martello towers were built 200 years ago as a strong defence against a serious external threat, which, ultimately, did not materialise. They take their name from a 16th century tower located at Cape Mortella on the Island of Corsica. Martello towers remain an iconic feature on our coast, an enduring physical articulation of the Scout Motto, ‘Be Prepared’.

Adopt our Martello defence against climate change! Build your Sustainability Fund in low carbon assets to hedge against climate change and resource shortage risks.

If other companies do likewise, best practice proliferates and the threat will be averted.

If others do not follow your wise and prudent example, then at least your company will Be Prepared.

Our Partners

“Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.”

-Bill Gates

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Sustainability is a Journey, not a Destination: Partner with Martello Low Carbon and Travel the Optimal Route!

Create Value and Reduce Risk as you Implement Best Practice in Sustainability.

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