Our Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach flows directly from our Beliefs and Sustainability Principles. Our Investment Approach ensures that we always work professionally and diligently in the best interest of our Customers.

Our Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach is determined by our Beliefs and our Sustainability Principles.

Dual Investment Objectives: Maximise Financial Return and, simultaneously, Maximise Environmental Impact.

All our investment must fall within the realms of low carbon or some other positive environmental impact that is sustainability. Within this domain, our Dual Investment Objectives take effect: Maximise Financial Return and, simultaneously, Maximise Environmental Impact.

Our proprietary Carbon Insight™ provides us the analytical processes and quantitative tools to fulfil our Dual Investment Objectives.

Money Speaks Louder than Words! We recommend to our customers only projects in which we would be prepared to invest ourselves.

We co-invest with our customers wherever possible.

Technology Agnostic: We invest in the implementation of proven, low-risk low carbon technologies.

We are not venture investors but we will invest in companies that own or develop such technologies.

We work hard to identify suitable projects and technologies that mitigate our customers’ supply chain risks and carbon emissions.

Merits of Self-insurance: Self-insurance is the creation and maintaining an internal fund to cover possible losses rather than by purchasing a 3rd party insurance policy.

We recognise and promote the advantages of self-insurance, particularly for large, international corporations who are exposed to a wide array of risks which are both disparate and unpredictable.

We advocate self-insurance because, properly managed, it builds value and resilience within an organisation.

We promote investment in low carbon assets as a particularly effective means to self-insure risks relating to climate change.

Thorough Due Diligence: Low carbon and sustainability projects typically encompass complex and multi-faceted factors, including regulatory, market, technology, organisational & management, financial and environmental.

Our screening and project due diligence thoroughly assesses these factors in assessing projects suitable for our customers.

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